Book Publishing Options

boooks01There are three ways to publish books today:

(a)  a difficult, and author-ripped off way,

(b) a difficult and expensive way, and

(c) an easy, inexpensive way.

The difficult, and author ripped off way, is the “old” or traditional way of book publishing, which went as follows:

1. You struggle to find a publisher who is prepared to take your work.

2. If you find a publisher, they take the manuscript, get it laid out, design a cover, print up a few thousand copies, and get it placed in bookshops etc.

3. If the book sells, the author gets paid a “royalty” which is a pittance—normally around 12 percent of the retail price, and perhaps an advance (but not always).

4. If the books don’t sell, they get pulped and the author is paid nothing.

The difficult and expensive way is also an “old” way, namely vanity publishing, which went as follows:

1. The author acts as his/her own publisher.

2. The author gets the book laid out, and printed at his/her own cost. Several thousand have to be printed in order to make the unit price cost effective.

3. The author sits with a garage full of books, and tries to sell them to book stores etc.

4. Most commonly with vanity publishing, the author ends up sitting with boxes of unsold books, and out of pocket.

The easy and inexpensive way is the new way of publishing, and works as follows:

 1. The author acts as his / her own publisher.

2. Use is made of modern “print-on-demand” technology. This is a process whereby books are printed only as they are ordered—the technology has brought the unit cost down to where it is comparable with the traditional printed method.

3. The author gets the book laid out and prepared in electronic format (PDF) and this file is uploaded to a print-on-demand service provider’s server. The only up-front cost involved in this process is the one-off layout, and cover design fee.

3. There are a number of great advantages to using print-on-demand technology.

3.1 Most notably is that there are no other upfront costs. Because the book is only printed one copy at a time, as it is ordered, the author does not sit with boxes and boxes of unsold books, which translate to tied up and potentially lost capital.

3.2 The author can set the price of the book—and takes ALL the profit, not a tiny percentage (as is the case with traditional publishing).

3.3 Print-on-demand services allow for automatic worldwide distribution through Amazon, the world’s largest online book retailer.

In this way, the costs are brought to an absolute minimum (essentially just the layout costs) and the profits are maximized to the absolute maximum, while simultaneously the worldwide exposure and market of Amazon is exploited to the fullest.

It is the last of these three options in which Sandycroft Publishing specializes—although we can arrange for the second (vanity publishing) as well (although we don’t recommend it).

Sandycroft Publishing can offer the following services:

1. Complete layout of the interior of the book and conversion into print-ready PDF format.

2. Complete cover design (full color) and conversion into print-ready PDF format.

3. The creation and set-up of an online print-on-demand publishing account. To this account we will upload and prepare for publishing on Amazon, and undertake all the necessary steps needed for maximum exposure (writing the promotional blurb, author biography etc.—all of which is vital for promoting the book).

4. The author will have full access to—and have full control over—the online print-on-demand account. This means the author will be able to determine the retail price, the profit margin, and, critically, monitor sales and revenue. Royalties are paid monthly, into the author’s own bank account, directly from the print-on-demand service, and are always the full amount (Sandycroft does not take any of this, never mind the lion’s share, like traditional publishers).

In this way, the author will always know exactly how many copies have been sold, how many have been printed, what the revenue is and exactly what the profit is.

5. The only costs to the author are the one-off layout fee payable to Sandycroft. This varies according to the size of the book, but we pride ourselves on offering unbeatable value and the quickest turnaround times anywhere.

For example, when the manuscript is essentially ready to go and is already in electronic format (MS Word or similar preferable) and does not need extensive editing or retyping, we can guarantee publishing and listing on Amazon WITHIN two weeks from receipt of the raw material.

* PLEASE NOTE: The imprint—or publishing house name—need not necessarily be SANDYCROFT. It can be anything that the author chooses. This is usually the option preferred by most authors, as they then can personalize their book even more.

 * Sandycroft also offers an online promotional package, which includes a book website, and direct marketing to newspaper and magazine book review editors etc. This is a separate, optional service, which has its own cost implications.