Richard I

R1-frontcoverwebBy Jacob Abbott.  One of the greatest kings of England who hardly ever set foot in that country, Richard I is remembered in history by his epithet Richard Lionheart, mainly for his incredible series of wars and military victories, both within Europe and in the European counterattack (known as the Crusades) which opposed Islamic aggression against Christian lands in the Middle East. Made king of England in 1189, Richard was actually French, and also ruled in Normandy as Richard IV, as well as holding supreme leadership in many other parts of France. His Muslim foes, however, just called him Malek al-Inkitar—“King of England.”

This astonishing story starts with the fascinating tale of his mother, and how by the age of 16, Richard had taken command of his own army, putting down rebellions in Poitou against his father, King Henry II. His greatest military feats came however as a commander during the Third Crusade, where he led the Christian counterattack against his Muslim counterpart, Saladin.

Dramatic events covered in this work include his campaigns in Sicily and Cyprus, the siege of Acre, and the monumental Battle of Jaffa, which brought an end to the Third Crusade and forced Saladin to grant access to Jerusalem to the Christians once again. By this time, Richard had generated many enemies at home as well, and this book ends with the story of his capture and ransom in Germany, before his return to England and death in 1199.

This is a riveting story of personal bravery, courage, betrayal and intrigue, set against the bloody backdrop of the Third Crusade.


Chapter I: King Richard’s Mother

Chapter II: Richard’s Early Life

Chapter III: Fair Rosamond

Chapter IV: Accession of Richard to the Throne

Chapter V: The Coronation

Chapter VI: Preparations for the Crusade

Chapter VII: The Embarkation

Chapter VIII: King Richard at Messina

Chapter IX: Berengaria

Chapter X: The Campaign in Cyprus

Chapter XI: Voyage to Acre

Chapter XII: The Arrival at Acre

Chapter XIII: Difficulties

Chapter XIV: The Fall of Acre

Chapter XV: Progress of the Crusade

Chapter XVI: Reverses

Chapter XVII: The Old Man of the Mountains

Chapter XVIII: The Battle of Jaffa

Chapter XIX: The Truce

Chapter XX: The Departure from Palestine

Chapter XXI: Richard Made Captive

Chapter XXII: The Return to England

About the author:  Jacob Abbott (1803–1879) was a native of the state of Maine who was a professor of mathematics and natural philosophy, a minister, and founder of two schools (the Mount Vernon School for Young Ladies in Boston and the Mount Vernon School for Boys, in New York City).

He wrote more than 180 books and became famous for his easy-to-read style of history storytelling, stripped of the dry dustiness which characterized other texts.

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