The Story of France

the-story-of-france-frontcoverOPBy Mary MacGregor. One of the most complete and concise histories of the great nation of France ever written in English, Mary MacGregor’s classic work begins with the earliest recorded times of the Druids and ends just after World War I.

Along the way the reader will meet and be captivated by an astonishingly long list of famous characters ranging from Vercingetorix right through to President Paul Deschanel.

Follow the trials and tribulations of the inhabitants of Gaul as they grapple with the Romans and Attila the Hun. From there, read of the emergence of the Franks as the leading house of nobles, the exploits of Charlemagne, the arrival of the Vikings and their settlement in Normandy, the Crusades, the centuries-long warfare with England, the religious conflicts, the bloody events of the French Revolution, the rise and fall of Napoleon, the Franco-Prussian War and the world’s first Communist revolution. The narrative ends after chronicling the epic struggle and destruction caused by the Great War of 1914–18.

This compelling history, told with excitement and vigor, is fully reformatted, illustrated, and indexed.

About the author: Mary MacGregor (1874–1961) was one of the most important juvenile historical authors of the early twentieth century. She specialized in classic history and European myths, and achieved fame for her ability to convert complex themes into simple storylines.


Chapter I: The Druids

Chapter II: The Patriot Vercingetorix

Chapter III: King Attila

Chapter IV: The First King of France

Chapter V: The Three Little Princes

Chapter VI: The Sluggard Kings

Chapter VII: The Death of St. Boniface

Chapter VIII: Roland Winds His Horn

Chapter IX: Louis the Good-Natured

Chapter X: The Vikings

Chapter XI: The Vikings Besiege Paris

Chapter XII: Rollo’s Pride

Chapter XIII: King Robert and the Pope

Chapter XIV: The Truce of God

Chapter XV: Peter the Hermit

Chapter XVI: The Oriflamme

Chapter XVII: The Second Crusade

Chapter XVIII: Arthur, Prince of Normandy, Disappears

Chapter XIX: The Battle of Bouvines

Chapter XX: The Vow of St. Louis

Chapter XXI: St. Louis Is Taken Prisoner

Chapter XXII: The Sicilian Vespers

Chapter XXIII: The Battle of the Spurs

Chapter XXIV: Pope Boniface Taken Prisoner

Chapter XXV: The Salic Law

Chapter XXVI: The Battle of Sluys

Chapter XXVII: The Battle of Crécy

Chapter XXVIII: The Siege of Calais

Chapter XXIX: The Battle of Poitiers

Chapter XXX: The Rebellion of Jacques

Chapter XXXI: Sir Bertrand du Guesclin

Chapter XXXII: The Battle of Roosebek

Chapter XXXIII: The Mad King

Chapter XXXIV: The Two Lily Princes

Chapter XXXV: The Battle of Agincourt

Chapter XXXVI: The Baby-King of France

Chapter XXXVII: The Siege of Orleans

Chapter XXXVIII: Joan Sees the Dauphin

Chapter XXXIX: Joan Relieves Orleans

Chapter XL: Joan Leads the Dauphin to Rheims

Chapter XLI: The Death of the Maid

Chapter XLII: The League of the Common Weal

Chapter XLIII: Louis XI Visits Charles the Bold

Chapter XLIV: The Death of Charles the Bold

Chapter XLV: Madame La Grande

Chapter XLVI: Bayard Is Taken Prisoner

Chapter XLVII: Bayard Holds the Bridge Alone

Chapter XLVIII: The Field of the Cloth of Gold

Chapter XLIX: The Death of Bayard

Chapter L: The Reformers

Chapter LI: The “Gabelle” or Salt Tax

Chapter LII: The Siege of St. Quentin

Chapter LIII: The Prince of Condé Taken Prisoner

Chapter LIV: The Prince of Condé Killed

Chapter LV: Admiral Coligny Goes to Paris

Chapter LVI: St. Bartholomew’s Day

Chapter LXVII: Henry of Navarre Escapes from Paris

Chapter LVIII: The King of Paris

Chapter LIX: The Prince of Béarn

Chapter LX: Ravaillac Stabs the King

Chapter LXI: The Italian Favourite

Chapter LXII: The Siege of La Rochelle

Chapter LXIII: The Day of Dupes

Chapter LXIV: The Wars of the Fronde

Chapter LXV: The Diligent King

Chapter LXVI: Louis XIV Persecutes the Huguenots

Chapter LXVII: The Bread of the Peasants

Chapter LXVIII: The Taking of Quebec

Chapter LXIX: Marie Antoinette

Chapter LXX: The Taking of the Bastille

Chapter LXXI: The Fishwives at Versailles

Chapter LXXII: The Flight of the Royal Family

Chapter LXXIII: Louis XVI Is Executed

Chapter LXXIV: Marie Antoinette Is Executed

Chapter LXXV: Napoleon Bonaparte

Chapter LXXVI: The Bridge of Lodi

Chapter LXXVII: The Battle of the Pyramids

Chapter LXXVIII: The Great St. Bernard Pass

Chapter LXXIX: “The Sun of Austerlitz”

Chapter LXXX: The Berlin Decree

Chapter LXXXI: The Retreat from Moscow

Chapter LXXXII: Napoleon Is Banished to Elba

Chapter LXXXIII: The Battle of Waterloo

Chapter LXXXIV: The Revolution of July

Chapter LXXXV: The Brave Archbishop

Chapter LXXXVI: The Siege of Sevastopol

Chapter LXXXVII: “The Man of Sedan”

Chapter LXXXVIII: The Third Republic

Chapter LXXXIX: Growth of Democracy

Chapter XC: The Coming of the Great War

Chapter XCI: Four Years of Fighting

Chapter XCII: Victory

List of Kings


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