Danes, Saxons, and Normans; or, Stories of Our Ancestors

By J. G. Edgar. This is a sweeping history of the major events in British history from the ninth century AD to the end of the Norman Conquest more than 200 years later, featuring the fascinating stories of the series of Vikings, Saxons, and Normans who blazed their way across England during that tumultuous time.

Five Years with the Congo Cannibals

This is a classic study of Central Africa, its tribes, customs, and culture, before the advent of the white man, faithfully, accurately, and sympathetically recorded by one of the first European explorers to penetrate the deepest, darkest parts of what is today the Democratic Republic of the Congo.What emerges from this adventure tale is the reality of African tribal life: cannibalism, slavery, witchcraft, and the Arab slave trade.

Captain William Kidd and Others of the Buccaneers

Few periods in history have become so intertwined with legend as the era of the buccaneers—or “pirates” as they later became known. Originally privateers commissioned by the French, and later by the English and Dutch crowns, to hunt Spanish ships in the Caribbean Sea during the 17th century, the innate lawlessness of the profession inevitably spiraled out of control.

Danish Fairy Tales

By Svend Grundtvig. Translated by Gustav Hein. The very best of traditional Danish folklore comes alive for the present-day reader in this classic collection originally compiled by specialist scholar Svend Grundtvig. The tales selected for this volume were designed to represent all aspects of the unique cultural heritage of the Danish people.