Colloquia Mensalia or the Familiar Discourses of Dr. Martin Luther at his Table Volume II

martin-luther-tt-vol2-webBy Dr. Martin Luther. First published in 1566 in German, the “Table Talk” (as it is now more commonly known) is a collection of the towering Protestant Reformer’s informal, wide-ranging, often colorful and sometimes controversial conversations about topics ranging from Scripture to the sacraments, from the lives of the saints to the learning of scholastics, from civil magistrates to sacred music—and almost everything in-between.

Luther’s “Table Talk” presents highlights from conversations (as the title page has it) “with divers Learned Men” on a wide range of theological, Scriptural, historical and social subjects; it also affords valuable and frequently eye-opening insights into “the opinions, motives, reading, daily life, and personal attitude of the greatest German of his age.

No dry treatises these, the selections, arranged topically, are usually concise and straightforward, frequently marked by humorous anecdotes, sharp (and merciless) wit, and unrestrained zeal for the work of ecclesial reformation.

Nearly all the copies of the original work were destroyed by order of Pope Gregory XIII (1572–1585), and possession of it was punishable by death. A single copy, wrapped in linen and coated in beeswax, had been secretly buried and was accidentally unearthed nearly 70 years after its banning. It was smuggled to England by Captain Henry Bell, who was responsible for its translation and first English publication in 1652.

This new edition has been hand-proofed and completely reset to ensure that it contains none of the imperfections which mar either the original or reproduction versions.


Chapter XXIII: Of Antichrist

Chapter XXIV: Of Human Traditions

Chapter XXV: Of the Mass

Chapter XXVI: Of Purgatory

Chapter XXVII: Of General Councils

Chapter XXVIII: Of Imperial Diets

Chapter XXIX: Of the Books of the Fathers of the Church

Chapter XXX: Of School Divines

Chapter XXXI: Of the Books of the Old and New Testaments

Chapter XXXII: Of the Patriarchs and Prophets

Chapter XXXIII: Of the Apostles and Disciples of Christ

Chapter XXXIV: Of Angels

Chapter XXXV: Of the Devil and His Works

Chapter XXXVI: Of Temptation and Tribulation

Chapter XXXVII: Of Luther’s Adversaries that Wrote against Him

Chapter XXXVIII: Of Certain Papists’ Fearful and Sudden Deaths

Chapter XXXIX: Of Friars, of Their Lives and Good Days

Chapter XL: Of Cardinals and Bishops

Chapter XLI: Of the Pope’s Spiritual Laws

Chapter XLII: Luther’s Discourse of Ceremonies

Chapter XLIII: Luther’s Discourse of Seducers and Sectaries that Opposed Him

Chapter XLIV: Of Christians and a Christian Life

Chapter XLV: Of Hypocrites and False Brethren

Chapter XLVI: Of Sophistry

Chapter XLVII: Of Offences

Chapter XLVIII: Of the True Service of God

Chapter XLIX: Of Matrimony

Chapter L: Of Magistrates and Rulers

Chapter LI: Of Potentates and Princes

Chapter LII: Of Discord

Chapter LIII: Of Sicknesses; and of the Causes Thereof

Chapter LIV: Of Death

Chapter LV: Of the Resurrection from the Dead

Chapter LVI: Of Damnation and Hell

Chapter LVII: Of the Last Day of Judgment

Chapter LVIII: Of Allegories

Chapter LIX: Of the Legends of the Saints

Chapter LX: Of Spiritual and Church-livings

Chapter LXI: Of Wars

Chapter LXII: Of Surpassing Warlike Captains and Champions

Chapter LXIII: Of Constrained Defence

Chapter LXIV: Of the Nobility

Chapter LXV: Of Lawyers

Chapter LXVI: Of Schools and Universities

Chapter LXVII: Of Music

Chapter LXVIII: Of Languages

Chapter LXIX: Of Astronomy and Astrology

Chapter LXX: Of Signs in the Air

Chapter LXXI: Of Studying

Chapter LXXII: Of Learned Men

Chapter LXXIII: Of the Jews

Chapter LXXIV: Of the Turks

Chapter LXXV: Of Countries and Cities

Chapter LXXVI: Of Rome

Chapter LXXVII: Of Vocation and Calling

Chapter LXXVIII: Of Drunkenness

Chapter LXXIX: Of the Court Life



Luther’s Daily Manual

Relative Duties, Expressed in Scripture Words by Luther


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