Through Europe & Egypt with Napoleon

napoleon-frontcoverOPBy H. E. Marshall. Perhaps France’s most famous modern historical figure, Napoleon Bonaparte’s legacy still reaches over Europe today in legal codes and even many national boundaries.

Master storyteller H. E. Marshall takes the reader on an enthralling account of this dynamic military genius’s career, starting with his birth in Corsica to an Italian noble family, his rapid ascent in the French military, his first campaigns in support of the ideals of the French Revolution, his ascent to the First Consulship of France, his great military victories against the Old States of Europe, and the perversion of his erstwhile revolutionary ideals with his self-proclaimed ascension to the title of Emperor.

From there the story continues, revealing many hidden but fascinating details of Napoleon’s life—for example, his personal interactions with his troops which earned him the undying loyalty of millions, and of how Beethoven dedicated a symphony to him.

Napoleon’s astonishing list of campaigns—in Italy, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Prussia, Poland and finally Russia—are considered in detail, and all his victories and defeats are examined in the easy-to-read and exciting style for which H.E. Marshall was famous.

Finally, Napoleon’s defeat, exile to Elba, triumphant return, the “100 days” until the Battle of Waterloo, exile to St. Helena and death, mark the end of this riveting book which is guaranteed to hold the reader’s attention from the first page onwards.

“Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.”—Napoleon Bonaparte.


Chapter I: About a Rocky Island in the Blue Sea

Chapter II: Lessons and Play

Chapter III: School Days

Chapter IV: More School Days

Chapter V: From Brienne to Paris

Chapter VI: Napoleon Becomes Lieutenant

Chapter VII: Napoleon Visits His Old Home

Chapter VIII: Toulon

Chapter IX: The Taking of Toulon

Chapter X: Napoleon’s Marriage

Chapter XI: Napoleon Passes the Alps

Chapter XII: In the Great Plain of Italy

Chapter XIII: The Little Corporal

Chapter XIV: About Some of the Towns which Napoleon Saw in Italy

Chapter XV: Mantua and Venice

Chapter XVI: Napoleon Returns to France

Chapter XVII: Napoleon Sets out for Egypt

Chapter XVIII: The Mamelukes

Chapter XIX: The Pyramids

Chapter XX: Napoleon Marches into Asia

Chapter XXI: The Return from Egypt

Chapter XXII: First Consul of France

Chapter XXIII: Napoleon Crosses the Alps

Chapter XXIV: The World at Peace

Chapter XXV: Napoleon Consul for Life

Chapter XXVI: More Belgian Towns

Chapter XXVII: The Emperor

Chapter XXVIII: The Crowning of the Emperor

Chapter XXIX: About the German Empire

Chapter XXX: From Ulm to Vienna

Chapter XXXI: The Battle of Austerlitz

Chapter XXXII: War Once More

Chapter XXXIII: The Battles of Jena and Auerstadt

Chapter XXXIV: The Battle of Trade and the War of Commerce

CHAPTER XXXV: A Winter in Poland

Chapter XXXVI: The Peace of Tilsit

Chapter XXXVII: Into Portugal

Chapter XXXVIII: Into Spain

Chapter XXXIX: Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain

Chapter XL: The Maid of Saragossa

Chapter XLI: The Court at Erfurt

Chapter XLII: Corunna

Chapter XLIII: The Battles of Aspern-Essling and Wagram

Chapter XLIV: The Empress Marie Louise

Chapter XLV: Into Russia

Chapter XLVI: The Taking of Smolensk

Chapter XLVII: The Burning of Moscow

Chapter XLVIII: The Retreat from Moscow

Chapter XLIX: Napoleon’s Last Great Victory

Chapter L: A Last Good-Bye

Chapter LI: The Emperor of Elba

Chapter LII: Corporal Violet

Chapter LIII: Napoleon’s Last Battle

Chapter LIV: The End

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