Scotland’s Story

Scotlands-StoryBy H.E. Marshall. This 1906 book is another great classic which was written at a time when British—or in this case—Scottish people were proud of their history and heritage. Originally designed for younger readers, Scotland Story’s readability gained it a far wider audience.

Marshall gathers together a gripping collection of incredible stories which tell the story of Scotland from the time of the Picts and Scots through to the Union with England and slightly beyond. Readers of all ages will be gripped by the high drama, love stories, battles, sacrifices and efforts of the Scottish people to assert their identity, and ward off foreign interference.

This is a book which carries a message for all European people today. This version is an accurate reproduction of the original with all errors which mar other editions removed.


Chapter 1: The Story Of Prince Gathelus

Chapter 2: A Fight With The Romans

Chapter 3: The March Of The Romans

Chapter 4: The Story Of Saint Columba

Chapter 5: How The French And The Scots Became Friends

Chapter 6: The Last Of The Picts

Chapter 7: How A Ploughman Won A Battle

Chapter 8: Macbeth And The Three Weird Sisters

Chapter 9: Macbeth—The Murder Of Banquo

Chapter 10: Macbeth—How The Thane Of Fife Went To England

Chapter 11: Macbeth—How Birnam Wood Came To Dunsinane

Chapter 12: Malcolm Canmore—How The King Overcame A Traitor

Chapter 13: Malcolm Canmore—How Saint Margaret Came To Scotland

Chapter 14: The Story Of Pierce-Eye

Chapter 15: The Reigns Of Donald Bane, Duncan Ii And Edgar

Chapter 16: Alexander I, The Fierce

Chapter 17: David I, The Sore Saint—The Battle Of The Standard

Chapter 18: William I, The Lion

Chapter 19: The Story Of Alexander II

Chapter 20: Alexander III—How The Little King Was Crowned And Married

Chapter 21: Alexander III—The Taming Of The Ravens

Chapter 22: Alexander III—How A Beautiful Lady Took A Brave Knight Prisoner

Chapter 23: Alexander III—How The King Rode Homeward Through The Dark Night

Chapter 24: The Maid Of Norway

Chapter 25: John Baliol—The Siege Of Berwick

Chapter 26: John Baliol—The Last Of Toom Tabard

Chapter 27: The Adventures Of Sir William Wallace

Chapter 28: William Wallace—The Black Parliament Of Ayr

Chapter 29: William Wallace—The Battle Of Stirling Bridge

Chapter 30: William Wallace—The Battle Of Falkirk

Chapter 31: William Wallace—The Turning Of A Loaf

Chapter 32: Robert The Bruce—How The Bruce Received A Letter And Struck A Blow

Chapter 33: Robert The Bruce—How The King Was Crowned

Chapter 34: Robert The Bruce—If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again

Chapter 35: Robert The Bruce—The King Tries Again

Chapter 36: Robert The Bruce—The Fight At The Ford

Chapter 37: Robert The Bruce—How The King Escaped From Traitors, And How He Met A True Woman

Chapter 38: Robert The Bruce—The Taking Of Perth

Chapter 39: Robert The Bruce—How Two Castles Were Won

Chapter 40: Robert The Bruce—How The Castle Of Edinburgh Was Taken

Chapter 41: Robert The Bruce—How Sir Henry De Bohun Met His Death

Chapter 42: Robert The Bruce—The Story Of The Battle Of Bannockburn

Chapter 43: The Bruce—How The Scots Carried The War Into England

Chapter 44: Robert The Bruce—The Heart Of The King

Chapter 45: David II—The Story Of Black Agnes

Chapter 46: David II—The Battle Of Neville’s Cross

Chapter 47: Robert II—How The French And The Scots Made War On England

Chapter 48: Robert II—The Story Of The Battle Of Otterburn

Chapter 49: Robert III—The Story Of A Fearful Highland Tournament

Chapter 50: Robert III—The Story Of The Duke Of Rothesay

Chapter 51: Regent Albany—The Story Of The Battle Of Harlaw

Chapter 52: Regent Murdoch—The Scots In France

Chapter 53: James I—The Beautiful Lady Of The Garden

Chapter 54: James I—The Poet King, How He Reigned, And How He Died

Chapter 55: James II Of The Fiery Face—The Story Of The Black Dinner

Chapter 56: James II Of The Fiery Face—The Fall Of The Black Douglases

Chapter 57: James III—The Story Of The Boyds

Chapter 58: James III—How A Mason Became An Earl

Chapter 59: James III—The Battle Of Sauchieburn

Chapter 60: James IV—The Story Of A Great Sea Fight

Chapter 61: James IV—The Thistle And The Rose

Chapter 62: James IV—Flodden Field

Chapter 63: James V The King Of The Commons—The Fall Of The Red Douglases

Chapter 64: James V The King Of The Commons—The Story Of Johnnie Armstrong

Chapter 65: James V—The Goodman Of Ballengiech

Chapter 66: James V The King Of The Commons—His Last Days

Chapter 67: Mary Queen Of Scots—France

Chapter 68: Mary—Darnley And Rizzio

Chapter 69: Mary—Bothwell

Chapter 70: Mary—How The Queen Escaped, And How She Was Made Prisoner Again

Chapter 71: James VI—King’s Men And Queen’s Men

Chapter 72: James VI—About The Death Of Two Queens And The Joining Of Two Crowns

Chapter 73: James VI—New Scotland

Chapter 74: Charles I—The King And The Covenant

Chapter 75: Charles I—How The Soldier Poet Helped The King

Chapter 76: Cromwell—How The Soldier Poet Died

Chapter 77: Cromwell—For The Crown

Chapter 78: Charles II—How The King Came To His Own Again

Chapter 78: Charles II—The Church Among The Hills

Chapter 80: James VII—A Forlorn Hope

Chapter 81: James VII—The Battle Of Killiecrankie

Chapter 82: William III And Mary II—The Story Of The Glen Of Weeping

Chapter 83: William III—Fortune’s Gilded Sails

Chapter 84: Anne—How The Union Jack Was Made

Chapter 85: George I—For The King Over The Water

Chapter 86: George II—A Story Of Smugglers

Chapter 87: George II—The Story Of How Prince Charlie Came Home

Chapter 88: George II—The Wanderings Of Bonnie Prince Charlie

Chapter 89: George III—About A Greater Conqueror Than Kings

Chapter 90: George IV—God Save The King

List Of Kings From Duncan I


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