The Crusaders: A Story of the War for the Holy Sepulchre

The-Crusadsers-OPBy Alfred J. Church. A wonderful  retelling of the stories of the First, Third, and Eighth Crusades, narrated by a fictional “wandering Jew” (cursed to live until the Second Coming of Christ), this classic work takes the reader on an epic rollercoaster ride of the triumphs, tribulations, and ultimate defeat of the European counterattack against the rampant Muslim aggression which had seized the Christian lands in the Middle East.

The author explains how the Islamic military conquest of huge areas of the Byzantine Empire sparked off the call to Crusade, and then weaves the story of some of the most famous characters and events of the Crusades. From the dizzying successes of the First Crusade—the siege and fall of Antioch and the fall of Jerusalem—to the recapture of Jerusalem by the Muslims, the reader will meet and understand the major characters of the time: Richard Lionheart, Duke Godfrey (the Norman warrior and first king of Jerusalem), Saladin and King Louis of France. The reader will also discover the full tragedy of the ill-fated “Children’s Crusade” and much more in this enthralling book.


Chapter I: Concerning This History

Chapter II: Peter the Hermit

Chapter III: More Concerning Peter the Hermit

Chapter IV: The First Crusade

Chapter V: Of the Besieging of Antioch

Chapter VI: Of the Taking of Antioch

Chapter VII: How the Christians Were Besieged in Antioch

Chapter VIII: Of the March to Jerusalem

Chapter IX: Of the Besieging and Taking of Jerusalem

Chapter X: How Duke Godfrey Was Chosen King, and of His End

Chapter XI: Of the Kingdom in Jerusalem

Chapter XII: How Saladin Took Jerusalem

Chapter XIII: Of What Befell After the Taking of Jerusalem

Chapter XIV: Of the Siege of Acre

Chapter XV: More Concerning the Siege of Acre

Chapter XVI: How King Richard Took a Great Ship

Chapter XVII: Of King Richard in Camp

Chapter XVIII: How the Town Was Given Up

Chapter XIX; How the Hostages Were Slain

Chapter XX: The Battle of Arsuf

Chapter XXI: How King Richard Parleyed with Saladin

Chapter XXII: How the King’s Purpose Was Baulked

Chapter XXIII: How King Richard Departed

Chapter XXIV: Of What Befell at Constantinople

Chapter XXV: The Children Crusaders

Chapter XXVI: How King Louis Came to Egypt

Chapter XXVII: How the Crusaders Fared in Damietta

Chapter XXVIII: Of What Befell at Mansoura

Chapter XXIX: How the King Surrendered Himself

Chapter XXX: Of the Slaying of the Sultan, and What Followed

Chapter XXXI: Of King Louis at Acre

Chapter XXXII; Concerning the Tartars

Chapter XXXIII: Of the Ending of the Expedition

Chapter XXXIV: The Last Crusade

Historical Note

 About the author: Alfred John Church (1829–1912) was a school teacher and professor of classical Latin at University College in London. He specialized in retelling classical stories in the vernacular, and won fame for his translations of Tacitus, Pliny, Virgil, and Homer. In addition, he wrote many historical works of his own, each time presenting them in easily-readable story format.

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