The Story of H. M. Stanley

stanley-frontcoverwebBy Vautier Golding. Illustrated by L. D. Luard. The astonishing life of Sir Henry Morton Stanley (born John Rowlands, 1841–1904), Welsh journalist, adventurer, and explorer is related here, beginning with his childhood and continuing through to his serving on both sides in the American Civil War, and his extensive explorations in Africa.

It was these last adventures—which included a search for the origin of the Nile and a dramatic expedition to find the lost missionary and explorer David Livingstone, for which Stanley won the most fame.

Stanley was one of the last great European explorers and adventurers, and was knighted for his feats. His daring tales of bravado, while struggling against seemingly impossible odds, will inspire the modern reader, young and old alike.


Chapter I: Early Years

Chapter II: The Search for Livingstone

Chapter III: Livingstone Found at Ujiji

Chapter IV: A Pledge to Livingstone’s Memory

Chapter V: The Victoria Nyanza

Chapter VI: From Uganda to Nyangwé

Chapter VII: Livingstone’s River

Chapter VIII: Down the Rapids to the Sea

Chapter IX: Back to the Congo

Chapter X: The Relief of Emin Pasha

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