Croatian Tales of Long Ago

By Ivana Berlic-Mažuranic. Translated by F. S. Copeland. Illustrated by Vladimir Kirin. Croatian Tales of Long Ago is a collection of six short stories, based on the author’s extensive knowledge of ancient Slavic mythology of Croatia.

Mixing fairy stories with events, motifs, and legends dating back nearly a millennium, this work was one of the author’s most famous writings, and although aimed at younger readers, can easily be enjoyed by adults as well.

Croatian mythology is part of the Slavic tradition, which offers readers a fascinating insight into the folklore oral traditions of deeds of valor, family relationships, local tribal conflicts, and the inevitable battle with a dragon.

The stories are gripping; the characters clearly defined; there is good and evil—and good always wins.

This is a classic work which is essential for anyone wishing to experience a neglected, but important part of European cultural history.

About the author: Ivana Berli?-Mažurani? (1874–1938) was one of Croatia’s most famous children’s writers. After being nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature four times, she was inducted in the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts in 1937.


How Quest Sought the Truth

Fisherman Plunk and His Wife


Bridesman Sun and Bride Bridekins

Stribor’s Forest

Little Brother Primrose and Sister Lavender


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